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-Switched to UDP packets

-Implemented site wide cookies

-Fixed Humidity Error 

-Updated look of tables 

-Autosubmit historical graphs
-Added buttons for easy access to one day, three day, and one week historical views
-Added search bar functionality to search for stations by zip code

-Fixed day view button error on mobile and chrome
-Changed style of navbar
-Hide Solar chart if no data is coming in
-Added indoor temp option to live graph
-Removed outdoor temp rate and average wind speed
-Reduced size of tables

-Changed data tables and map to be displayed side by side
-Updated legend of historical graphs to display station/variable names
-Added lines to graphs for easier readability

-Added table toggle to historical graph
-Added ability to click to select station ids when you search by zip code

-Fixed issue where users would continuously get alerts if they entered a wrong stationid 
-Changed “Station ID” to “Publisher ID”
-Added metric toggle to LiveGraph 

-Added live wind compass and large temperature display to mimic the old weather center
-Added quick links to menu page

-Responsive toggle on historical graph (Auto updates)
-Added table view to multi station and multi var historical graphs

-Added changelog to Menu Page

-Rounded table values to the nearest tenth 
-Removed Radar and Forecast from nav bar
-Added station name to live weather graph